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Steven Crawford

In this installment of our Agent Spotlight series at Gulf Coast REGroup we’re interviewing Steven Crawford, who specializes in Charlotte County Real Estate. Let’s learn more about his buying/selling expertise, as well as get to know him a bit better outside of the real estate world.

What do you love about real estate, why’d you get into real estate in the first place?

There are multiple reasons why I love the industry that I’m in. Growing up with a single mother and sister, we constantly moved around. Between elementary and middle school, I transferred to over 10 schools, so we never had a permanent place to call home. With that being said, there’s no other feeling in the world like helping someone find their dream home and achieve their goals to live the amazing Florida lifestyle. This industry has given me the ability to constantly meet new and interesting people. I’m not very fond of being bored, every home and customer has different scenarios so that keeps it exciting! Before working in real estate I was a farmer. We’d travel up and down the East Coast to different packing houses to flip and distribute produce when we weren’t down here in Florida growing watermelons and squash. After mastering every aspect of that business I began to get bored. I had always been a very social person, lived in Southwest Florida my entire life, and real estate had been on my mind for 4 years before actually making the transition! Since then I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and I’m grateful for finding my niche.

Is there a particular area in Southwest Florida you concentrate on (or love to work in)? 

I grew up throughout the Southwest Florida area but my favorite parts that I work in particularly are Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Arcadia, Rotonda West, Englewood, Venice, and Sarasota. I personally live in Punta Gorda and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

What do you do for fun? 

I love being out on the water. We’re constantly going up the Peace River in Punta Gorda which has dozens and dozens of islands to camp out on, relax, and cook food! I love the outdoors so I love exploring the variety of botanical gardens, natural springs, and beaches throughout Southwest Florida, they never get old! I stay active whether its the gym, wakeboarding, or walking the bridge at sunset, considering I went from a labor-intensive job to one that doesn’t require lots of strenuous, physical work. Although Florida is by far my favorite place to be, I do a lot of traveling and snowboarding, I’ve been to almost every state of the U.S. and have had the opportunity of exploring Puerto Rico and the majority of the United Kingdom so far!

Favorite restaurant?

This is a tough one there’s just so many! I enjoy seafood over at Farlows out towards Englewood, and I enjoy steak at Prime Steak House in Port Charlotte. If I’m looking for live music with dinner I usually head down to Fishermans Village or TT’s Tiki Bar (both on the harbor) in Punta Gorda! When I’m looking for a fancy vibe then I head to The Perfect Caper or Carmellos, both located in Downtown Punta Gorda.

What are your keys to success?

Working on the farm for 7-8 years taught me that hard work always pays off, and it gave me the work ethic that I have now. I’ve always been very organized, giving me the ability to multitask which is major in this business. I’d also like to point out that it definitely has to do with who I surround myself with. My family, friends, and colleagues are very supportive and understand that in this industry my schedule has to be flexible. They encourage me to keep my head up and continue working hard when things get tough and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for those in my life.

How has our system worked for you?

Amazing. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in this industry not using the systems we use. From our wonderful CRM, Boomtown, which keeps everything super organized and detailed, to the transaction coordinators that help us throughout the transaction process. Everyone on the team is extremely helpful and encouraging. The amount of knowledge and information on our team is phenomenal and I can proudly say that I love our work family.

Any tips for new agents?

Treat it like a business and make money like a business vs. treat it like a hobby and make money like a hobby. Also, always answer your phone. When I first got into real estate I was astonished at how many agents wouldn’t answer their phone and NOT get back to me on the same day or as matter of fact, at all. I definitely believe that answering the phone or calling back as soon as I can has made all the difference in my success in real estate so far! Follow the systems that are in place. Great things always take time so don’t be discouraged when things are moving slowly, go twice as hard and work those systems and before you know it you’ll be back at it! One last thing, once you get a deal under contract, don’t hit the brakes, pound on the gas. I made this mistake early on and it definitely affects your business, the work you put in today will benefit you 90+ days later.

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  • Gretchen
    Written on

    What a great company! Gulf Coast REGroup! This Spotlight article not only shines on Steven, but reflects back on the company as a whole. Steven’s work ethic, family and community man, is The man I’d call if I was looking for a Florida home!

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