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We’d Love to Add Your as a Team Member!

Are you considering joining a new team/brokerage? Tired of working with brokers that take too much and don’t provide much in the way of services? The Gulf Coast RE Group is expanding and we’re looking for top quality agents throughout all of Southwest Florida. Reach out to Alex, let’s have a quick chat, and we promise you’ll be excited about what we have to offer. FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM BELOW AND WE WILL REACH OUT TO YOU or email:



How Can Our Team Help You as an Agent:

  • Business in a Box – we have a full system (from marketing/leads – through the finalization of sales and everything in between) that allows our agents to get more sales and concentrate on what they do best.
  • We Cover Expenses & Specialty Tasks– Our company and support team handles EVERYTHING other than sales – paperwork, legal, listings, marketing/advertising (one of the largest budgets and results in the area for our collective team), photography, CRM – and there are no extra fees. 
  • Best Net Income in the Area – We recently brought on an agent that had a “good” split with a firm in Collier County. With $130,000 gross income, she only netted $43,000 after all expenses and her 20% split to her brokerage. Because we handle much of the expense of being an agent – after coming to us, she netted $80,000 (nearly doubling her take home) with the same gross sales. 
  • Real Training – Everything is simply laid out, and we provide FULL training (through our principals and team leads) on our systems, process, and tips/ongoing coaching to be the best agent and sell more than any other firm. We’ve paid some of the best consultants in the real estate world to be the best – and we coach all of our agents on techniques that work, and will drive you to higher sales and more income. We also provide weekly personal, one-on-one reviews for improvement and advancement. 
  • Best Averages in the Area – Our average agent closes 1.5 deals/month and NETS $100,000 after year 1 with the company.
  • Top Ad Spend – We have a massive $6-figure+ spend/year on digital and an existing database of tens of thousands of local buyers and 20,000+ partners that ensure our listings get sold faster, and help drive new business to each of our agents’ queue every day. 
  • Relaxed & Laid Back – We’re serious about working hard and providing great service for our clients, but agents need a break too. Our system allows our agents to generally work 40 hours/week and make more than at other brokerages. We respect and appreciate a healthy work-life balance, and it was one of our goals to create an environment that fostered that.

The feedback we’ve received from our 40+ agents, is that SWFL R.E. Group and MVP is the best place to be an Agent.

What makes the Gulf Coast RE Group Team Special?

Although we’ve been quiet as we’ve grown over the last decade, we’re proud to be the Southwest Florida’s most awarded brokerage team. But it’s not just industry organizations that recognize our expertise – we’re also the most reviewed, and highest reviewed Real Estate team by our clients. We have nearly 100% more reviews (all positive, and mostly 5-star) across all major platforms (Trulia, Zillow, Google, Facebook). This is one of our secrets, our peers aren’t making us money – assisting our clients and helping them make the right decisions is what sets us apart and provides business to our team for years to come.

The agents we’re looking for?

We’re looking for all hungry agents, and particularly those that want to sell, and want a team that will support them in every. Single. Way. from behind the scenes. We have a legal, financial, closing, technology, and full marketing teams in the background – and our systems, processes allow you to simple sell.

We help take new or growing agents and turn them into superstars. We specialize in helping $1mil gross sale agents turn into $5mil – $10mil/year agents – all while reducing your load and complexity and our commission structure is such that even if you sell the same amount as your current broker – you will ABSOLUTELY net much more.

We recently worked with an agent at a prominent brokerage in town. She was very successful, and happy to bring home $130,000 in gross commissions. But, something wasn’t right. After her own expenses were tacked on, and after taxes – she was only netting $43,000. Certainly a far cry from 6-figures – and with the amount of effort she was putting in – not a good return at all! We outlined a plan for her and because we take on every part of the process – with the exception of your relationship with your clients and your sales expertise – we were able to net her over $80,000 (after all expenses and taxes).

What can you expect as a SWFL RE Group agent?

This year our team is projected to sell nearly 700 listings – will you join us?

Dave Myers, Realtor ——

What was your struggle on giving up commission to be on a team and why did you decide to be on a team?

It was a no-brainer, join a team that provides many leads resulting in lots of closings or struggle to acquire good leads and close a few deals a year.

On top of that a closing coordinator that frees up time to work with other clients, and the knowledge of team leaders who have been in the business for many years to help guide you.

Is giving a few personal deals a year worth what you are getting out of the team?


How has your business evolved in the last 12 to 18 months?

It started out slow and took time, but I worked the system exactly as I was taught. My pipeline is really starting to flow and I’m now closing at least 2 deals a month!

Any words of wisdom for agents thinking about coming on the team?

If you don’t want to struggle with lead generation, want the wisdom of some great top producers, and close many more deals than you would one your own then it’s the right choice.

Nick Sweat, Realtor ——

What was your struggle on giving up commission to be on a team and why did you decide to be on a team?   Is giving a few personal deals a year worth what you are getting out of the team?

MVP is 100% commission. That is awesome. But when you close a deal, you better out 30% of every check and put it back in to your business. If you don’t, you wont’ have enough money for your website, CRM, FB Ads, Google PPC, and all the other expenses you have when generating leads. If you aren’t generating new leads daily, your business will not survive. The team has eliminated so much of my over head, and provides systems, that when done correctly, are the best there is. Even if you have the money for Goggle PPC and FB PPC, it is always changing and evolving. I was wasting so much time trying to stay on top of that, and hire people to stay on top of it, that I wasn’t out trying to find new business every day. The team eliminates so many of the other aspects that go in to being a successful real estate agent, and lets you concentrate on your clients and finding new clients.

How has your business evolved in the last 12 to 18 months?

Having the team has changed everything about my business. I am about to have 11 listings. By not having to do all the things I mentioned above, I have been able to concentrate on growing my business. The biggest difference is what the team offers. Listing coordinator, transaction coordinators, Alex and Scott being ahead of the curve and always evolving and putting the team before themselves, providing quality leads with quality follow up plans, having a system like Boomtown that does so much of the work for you, is priceless.

Any words of wisdom for agents thinking about coming on the team?

Don’t let the 40% split stop you from joining a team. Most teams are a 50/50 split and they don’t offer half of what SWFL RE Group does. If you give them 1 year, and do what they teach, you will be so successful, you’ll never want to leave. They have the experience of failures in the past that you don’t need to go through. They’ve got the blueprint to eliminate so much stress from your life when trying to find new leads, and managing those new leads.

The team also is there for everyone. We are a tight group who lean on one another. When problems come up, we solve them together. If you are out of town and have a client that wants to see a home, the team is there for you. Being a real estate professional can be crazy and overwhelming. Being a part of something that is so much bigger that 1 person, is amazing. The resources and structure is there to help you be as successful as you want to be!